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King Princess Is Nonchalant in New Single “Ain’t Together”

King Princess first broke onto the music scene in early 2018, but after Harry Styles tweeted a lyric to her debut song “1950,” she quickly skyrocketed to fame. Since then, she’s maintained a steady level of fan interest, released several singles and embarked on a world tour. Like “1950,” inspired by the 1952 lesbian novel The Price of Salt, much of her work includes sapphic themes, as King Princess identifies as genderqueer and gay.

In signature KP style, “Ain’t Together” is slow, soft and evokes an air of longing. She sings to her lover about their current relationship status: they tell one another “I love you,” but aren’t officially together. Although it’s implied the subject regularly presses the issue, asking for a more official label, KP is reluctant. She argues that she already holds strong feelings and that they don’t need anything else to demonstrate that they’re “together.” The tone perfectly fits the balance she often weighs of cool nonchalance and deep-rooted longing.



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Beyond its tone, the song’s sound also fits well with her established canon. It’s similar to earlier hits like “1950” and “Upper West Side,” but new enough that fans should feel excited to hear her album due next month.

On Twitter, King Princess described “Ain’t Together” as “cute and sad, perfect for any occasion. Wedding, funeral, corporate function, lesbian seance.” This approach to humour—laid-back, overly chill, very gay—perfectly embodies King Princess’ vibe and showcases how this is a perfect next single.

King Princess’ debut album Cheap Queen will drop on October 25. Keep an eye out for it, and let us know what you think of her latest single in the comments below or by tweeting us @soundigest.

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