Lil Nas X Drops “Panini” Video Featuring Skai Jackson

Lil Nas X may only have two music videos out, but it’s clear that he’ll go above and beyond to make them epic. The “Panini” video is a futuristic comedy with stunning visuals and impressive production. At the MTV VMAs, his first award show where he won big for “Old Town Road,” Lil Nas performed his new single, “Panini,” wearing a space suit-esque costume that foreshadowed the upcoming music video. He even tweeted screenshots of a storyboard he made for the video back in June.

The music video takes place in a futuristic city that gives off Tokyo and Blade Runner vibes. The protagonist is played by Disney Channel star Skai Jackson. It seems that everywhere she goes, Jackson is annoyed by Lil Nas X and his “Panini” choreography.

Skai tries to escape the madness by buying a plane ticket away from the city and believes she’s safe from Lil Nas. But he shows up on the wing of the plane, executing his dance moves perfectly. Skai then free falls out of the plane in a desperate attempt to lose him. Of course, he’s ready with a jetpack and follows her into the sky.

At the end of the video, Skai returns to the futuristic city and is greeted by images of Lil Nas X on every building and billboard. The images then change into a beautiful scene of cherry blossoms, leaving a calm smile on her face.

“Panini” is the follow-up music video to Lil Nas’s debut video for the smash hit, “Old Town Road.” For an artist with only two music videos out, having them both have high production value, interesting stories and iconic imagery is a feat. The world will definitely have their eyes out for more entertaining videos from Lil Nas X in the future.

Featured Image: Instagram (@lilnasx)