Summer Albums

A Definitive Ranking of the Top 5 Albums Released in Summer 2019

5. Clarity by Kim Petras

After a debut era of just releasing singles instead of a full-length album, pop princess Kim Petras returned for her second project, Clarity. This time around, she opted to release one song a week for a good portion of the summer. At the end of the drops, she released the songs as a whole album. This album’s full of party bops, accompanied by some more vulnerable tracks, where Kim reveals her life’s more than just a non-stop party. “Got My Number,” “Blow It All” and the title track, “Clarity,” are all summer anthems that could be played at any occasion. “Icy,” “Another One” and “All I Do Is Cry” are deeper cuts, perfect for lonely nights. In all, Kim Petras provided a great body of work with a unique release method that got fans excited every week at the beginning of summer.

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