Oh Yes!!! — Grandson Drops Explosive “Oh No!!!” Ahead of New EP

Grandson (real name Jordan Benjamin) just dropped what might be his craziest single yet. The Canadian-American singer is not shy when it comes to his lyrics. Grandson is a politically-charged musical endeavor and his words are connecting with millions. “Oh No!!!” is his second single off this upcoming EP, A Modern Tragedy Vol. 3. Signed to Fueled By Ramen, Grandson’s hitting the charts and hitting the stage, sharing his message. In times of political turmoil, explosive music projects are being created. Could Grandson be creating the next American Idiot?

Lyrically, Grandson knows how to hit home. “Oh No!!!” is a single that speaks directly to millennials and Gen Z. Singing of substance abuse to cope with the time, the song’s dark. The live-fast-die-young mentality’s strong these days. The most powerful line in the song might be, “My president is a felon, and I can’t cope.” Grandson doesn’t shy away from controversial topics. The song may not provide any big solutions to large problems, but it makes others struggling through our modern society feel less alone.

Musically, Grandson’s music is heavy-hitting. Loud guitars and strong beats seem to get the message apart. “Oh No!!!” is the perfect song for blaring with your windows down. The production and instrumentals on this track blend genres such as rock and EDM. It’s extremely catchy and Grandson’s vocals are strong. The attention to detail in aesthetics, lyrics and production really sets Grandson apart from other projects.

If you don’t already have “Oh No!!!” on repeat, the time is now. Grandson is bringing together youths who feel like they have little say in today’s issues. We need more people like him who are bold enough to make statements and art like this. Anyway, we can’t wait to hear the rest of A Modern Tragedy Vol. 3 today! You can also catch Grandson on tour with nothing,nowhere. this fall. Also, if you’re interested in the issues Grandson is addressing, you can join his movement to empower the youth here.

Feature Image: Instagram (@grandson)