Kelly Clarkson Channels Her Inner Lady Gaga in Powerful “Bad Romance” Cover

Kelly Clarkson‘s vocal talent is undeniable. After all, she was the very first person to win American Idol. And now, after an impressive run as a lovable judge on NBC’s The Voice, her magnetic personality landed the singer her very own talk show on the same network — The Kelly Clarkson Show.

ICYMI, a handful of episodes have already aired, but there’s one particular clip we just can’t stop watching. That’s right, we need to talk about how well Kelly Clarkson channeled her inner Lady Gaga in a cover of “Bad Romance” that was broadcast on September 11.

Already, the show has had an incredible string of guests, including Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, fellow talk show host Ellen DeGeneres, John Legend and Chance the Rapper. The first two episodes saw Clarkson delivering excellent covers of Dolly Parton‘s “9 to 5” and the Jonas Brothers‘ “Sucker,” but it was Gaga’s “Bad Romance” on the third episode that stirred the most conversation online.

Gaga’s iconic tune is one of the most sensational pop songs of the last decade, boasting a chorus so well made that even her biggest haters know it word for word. It’s only fitting that many of Hollywood‘s biggest stars have dropped their own interpretations. However, Clarkson’s natural vocal prowess places her version at the top of the list of standouts. She makes the song her own with the help of the house band, blessing us with a slew of rockstar notes. She even high-fives a random Meryl Streep cutout before belting the final lyrics.

The clip of the performance is a delight to watch (and listen to), but it’s not entirely perfect. The talk show host suffers a minor lyrical hiccup around the 33-second mark where she stutters an awkward, “I want your leather kisses stud in the sand.” Gaga’s penchant for wonky lyrics is widely known and the verses in “Bad Romance” are no exception. Then again, if we could memorize the French lines in the bridge of the track, the musician should’ve definitely nailed, “I want your leather-studded kiss in the sand.” We forgive you, Kelly.

You can catch The Kelly Clarkson Show every weekday at 2 P.M. EST on NBC for an hour of laughs, celebrity interviews and lots of good music. You can also watch her cover of “Bad Romance” HERE:

Featured Image: Instagram (@kellyclarkson)