Rex Orange County Wants to Be His Best Self in “10/10”

The young indie-pop sensation, Rex Orange County recently premiered his new song “10/10.” Having first performed the song in June at Glastonbury Festival, it’s finally available for everyone to hear. Along with the extremely catchy song, Rex Orange County also released a new music video to go along with it.

In “10/10,” Alex O’Connor gets personal about his struggle to truly live and how he wants to get better. Admitting “I feel like a five, I can’t pretend,” O’Connor later on shows optimism and the desire to be better: “But if I get my shit together this year // Maybe I’ll be a ten.” O’Connor also sings about having “No control over my emotions,” cutting bad people from his life and falling into the same patterns, which stand in the way of being his best self.

In this new song, “10/10,” Rex Orange County also mentions his struggles in songwriting: “And though it’s still hard work to find the words // I’m still gonna write this fuckin’ song.” Alex O’Connor has only released two original songs since October 2017. It’s not the first time Rex Orange County expressed his overall lack of motivation. In his previous release, “New House,” he admitted that “I haven’t been inspired since like I was 18.”

Rex Orange County also surprised us with how “10/10” sounds. Alex’s vocals are heavily autotuned and featuring heavy drum samples. However, the musician didn’t go completely off-brand; he still plays a synth-sounding keyboard. But there’s no doubt we rocked out to the mini guitar solo near the end of the song.

Even though Rex Orange County hasn’t been very active, he did perform at We Love Green Festival and Glastonbury Festival in June. Earlier this month, Rex Orange County shared a photo in the studio, so hopefully fans will get an album soon.

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Rex Orange County’s vulnerability in his songwriting’s what makes him such a popular artist; others see themselves in him. Hopefully “10/10” goes on to inspire fans to take care and work on themselves.

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