Liam Payne Has Money on His Mind in “Stack It Up”

Liam Payne‘s back with his first official single of the year, “Stack It Up,” featuring A Boogie Wit da Hoodie and the One Direction graduate has one thing on his mind: money. Make no mistake, money’s usually on the minds of most people, whether it be in a negative or a positive way. But it’s 2019 and Liam’s here to let you know that “you gotta work for it,” because we all need a little word of advice sometimes.

Lyrically, “Stack It Up” plays out like a financial advisor in the form of a pop song. “Stack it up, man, you gotta work for it // Ain’t nobody gonna be doing it for ya,” croons Payne as he reminds us that money doesn’t grow on trees. He even goes so far as to specify that, despite having big dreams and years of life ahead of you, that’s still not enough to get you by. The song exhibits a lighthearted tone, but the meaning behind the lyrics is far from silly. Hard work results in well-deserved success, which is a narrative that Payne and A Boogie know all too well.

If the production work sounds familiar, it might be because you’ve heard Selena Gomez‘s “Same Old Love” at least once in your life. As a matter of fact, the songs’ intros would almost be indistinguishable if it weren’t for the finger snaps punctuating every other beat on Selena’s track. Not to be outdone, “Stack It Up” introduces finger snaps within Liam’s first verse, because why wouldn’t it?

Another sensible comparison lies within the fact that the vocals are noticeably Ed Sheeran-like. This makes sense, considering the Irishman’s credited as one of the song’s four writers and the sole background vocalist. Payne’s voice is famously malleable, as can be heard in tunes like “Bedroom Floor,” where he replicates co-writer Charlie Puth‘s token high notes in the chorus. While he might not be the most unique vocalist, Payne’s talent and passionate energy translate fluidly into the go-getter lyrics on “Stack It Up”.

NYC rapper A Boogie Wit da Hoodie adds a nice touch of style with a verse that perfectly fits the contents of the track. One of the most prevalent issues in popular music is rappers whose contributions as a featured guest are borderline unnecessary. Luckily, the Payne/A Boogie duo works like a charm and the dynamic between the artists is perfectly balanced.

You can listen to “Stack It Up” and watch the official music video below.

Featured Image: Capitol Records (UMG)