Alicia Keys "Show Me Love"

Alicia Keys and Miguel Reclaim R&B With New Single “Show Me Love”

Last week R&B icon Alicia Keys released a dreamy new single, “Show Me Love,” featuring Miguel. The single’s very soulful and sensual in the ways it depicts all the feelings that come with being in love. Although the track stands beautiful on its own, there’s a deeper message embedded in the song that can only be viewed through Keys’ most recent concept video (directed by Cara Stricker). The two artists took this collaboration to even greater heights with the release of “visual sonic experience” on YouTube.

Based on the first impression of the song, it’s clear that “Show Me Love” is all about the desire for attention, support and longing for something bigger by creating a loving connection with your partner. Alicia’s soft voice pairs perfectly with the graceful guitar melody present throughout the track. Keys opens up the track with the chorus, singing, “Show me love // Treat it like we freakin’ on the weekend, show me love // I heat up the seconds, times and reasons for your love // This is not the season for nobody else but us // I always get wrapped up in you, baby, I’m in love.” The simplistic beauty of the chorus has a very comforting feel to it, especially for those who are self-proclaimed hopeless romantics.

In the first verse of the song we get a little taste of Miguel as he chimes in with Keys: “Yeah, I showed you love like it was passionate // I just wanna bask in it, winnin’ it like a championship.” Together, the two bounce off each other, “Show me love, even when you don’t got time to // I’ll be there to find ya, I’ll remind ya.” Pairing Keys and Miguel up for this song could not be any more satisfying to the ear… or the heart!


Even though “Show Me Love” is nothing short of an R&B masterpiece, watching the visual sonic experience is a must! The concept video features actors Michael B. Jordan and Zoë Saldana, along with artist (and Saldana’s husband) Marco Perego Saldana, plus Miguel and Keys.

Each individual featured in the video reflects a different perspective of love, making the concept of the song deeply multi-dimensional. The Saldanas are seen passionately arguing in a painter’s studio, gradually spreading paint around as they fight. Jordan’s placed in a completely different setting where he struggles to physically reach his partner through a severe downpour. The most captivating scene displays Keys and Miguel attempting to meet at a piano located in the center of an empty room, all while a light rain soaks the couple. Perhaps this piano acts as a metaphor for compromise within relationships. The only way for the two to meet in the middle is to swim through the room in slow motion. This abstract scene’s tastefully romantic and very intriguing for viewers. The entire video continues to cut from different scenes and concludes with Keys mysteriously sinking underwater. Symbolically, this could mark a newfound freedom for Keys as she chooses independence.

This new creative piece — sonically produced by Morgan Matthew and Keys and directed by Stricker — does a flawless job depicting all the different phases of being in love and reminds us all that everyone’s journey can be totally different from the rest!

Featured Image: RCA Records

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