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The Beatles Release New Music Video to Celebrate 50 Years of “Here Comes the Sun”

“Here Comes the Sun” has always been one of my favorite Beatles songs. Sure, it’s a cliche, but it’s one of their most enduring tracks for a reason — the song’s gentle melody and quiet optimism can’t help but spark a sense of hope and happiness in any listener.

The new music video, released on Thursday, September 19 for the 50th anniversary of Abbey Road, strikes no less of a chord. Archival photos and videos of the band in their final years together slowly fade in as the video progresses and all build to a larger story that celebrates the love the men had for each other, even at a tumultuous time for the band.

As the video opens, we watch as the iconic Abbey Road Studio comes to life in the early morning. The sound board turns on, the rising sun shines over waiting instruments. The musician’s impact not only on the studio itself, but also on music generally, is felt deeply even without their presence. Soon, however, photos of the band members begin to float through the space, eventually culminating in a glowing collage of a rising sun. Simultaneously, animated graphics of familiar Beatles icongraphy are added, as well as a crane moving through the ever-changing landscape.

However, the most breaktaking aspect are the shadows of George, Paul, Ringo and John hovering throughout the video. We get a sense of what it was like in the studio recording the iconic song all those years ago, with Ringo playing the drums or John on the guitar. The photos give fans an inside look at the band exploring Hampstead Heath and shooting for the album.

With Abbey Road being their second-to-last album, we’re coming up on the last of the “50 years since…” tributes to the Beatles that we’ve seen over the last several years. This optimistic video celebrating the happiness the men felt together (and brought to their fans, as well) is a fitting way to say goodbye once again.

Image Credit: Twitter (@TheBeatles)