Kehlani and Zedd Team Up for Independence Anthem “Good Thing”

With new singles dropping few and far in between, German DJ/producer Zedd has had an unusually tame 2019. As a matter of fact, his last official release was February’s Katy Perry-assisted “365.” Fast forward to seven months later and Zedd has unexpectedly convinced R&B singer Kehlani to team up for an independence anthem and the result’s, in fact, a very “Good Thing.”

Lyrically speaking, “Good Thing” couldn’t be more clear if it was made of glass and showered in Windex. “I’m good by myself // Don’t need no one else” doesn’t exactly leave much room for interpretation. The premise revolves around being entirely independent and not yearning for anyone else’s attention — a narrative that Kehlani tackles with bold authority. Her vocals are precise and confident, ricocheting off Zedd’s bouncy production work and elevating slightly when the memorable chorus hits.

The song benefits from a razor-sharp kick/snare pattern that slices through the beat, which is easily complemented by Kehlani’s tenacity. Zedd’s production is crisp and it works in tandem with the lyrical content. The final pre-chorus is a glossy gateway for a pleasing key change that drives the song home. As was the case with his Katy Perry collaboration in “365,” “Good Thing” is a bit of a departure from Zedd’s token sound. Naturally, having a talented female vocalist on the track’s the winning component for his genre experimentation.

“Good Thing” is Zedd’s best 2019 work, which might not be an impressive claim, since his releases this year have been minimal. Even though the song sits at three minutes and 30 seconds in length, it still feels a little too short. You don’t realize the seconds fly by as you’re bobbing your head to the hypnotic rhythm and basking in Kehlani’s voice. “Good Thing” is speculated to be a cut from the producer’s upcoming third album, but it’s safe to say that his overall sound’s heading in a new direction. After all, you can’t be a one-trick pony when you’re such a hot commodity in the industry.

You can listen to Zedd and Kehlani’s “Good Thing” in the video below.

Featured Image: Universal Music Group