Noah Cyrus "Lonely"

Noah Cyrus Gets Deeply Personal in “Lonely”

19-year-old LA-based songstress Noah Cyrus just shared one of her most vulnerable pieces of work with her newest single, “Lonely.” “Lonely” acts as a theatrical cry for help as Cyrus begins navigating the not-so-fun phases of adulthood. She must face coming to terms with losing and grieving relationships in her life, including letting go of past versions of herself. Cyrus has a true talent for sharing her reflections in the most stunning way possible.

The song touches on the dark themes of grief, isolation, depression and escape, which really complement Cyrus’ simple piano melodies. She opens the song with the strong statement “I’m slowly killing myself,” admitting that the singer has been abusing her own mind through her sorrow and pessimistic thoughts. She feels as though she’s “killing herself” because “it’s just the same every day.” She admits that she feels trapped in this depressive state and is wasting away each day as she fails to find enjoyment in her life.

Cyrus goes into the second verse explaining her self-destructive behavior and begs for someone to help her change. She sings, “I’m spending more than I earn // Drink all the time to forget I’m not her // ‘Cause I go to parties sometimes // And I’ll kiss a boy and pretend for the night.” She then admits: “‘Cause I don’t know much about me // I’m still ashamed of who I used to be.” Here, she confronts her distracting issues and begs for someone to help pull herself out of this negative mindset she has been applying to her life for so many years.

Cyrus takes us all to a dark place as she steps into the chorus of the song: “Help me // Oh, please someone help me // I don’t care anyone, anything // ‘Cause I’m so sick of being so lonely.” She does a really great job executing her emotions into her singing, which guides us all into a better understanding of what she’s feeling as she fights these demons.

According to V Magazine, Cyrus shared, “‘Lonely’ came to me during a really dark time in my life and is about self struggle and feeling out of place. But the amazing thing is that it put me on the path to getting help and I hope it does the same for my fans who need it.” Cyrus never fails to amaze us with her mature demeanor and ability to convert her heavy, honest emotions into beautiful pieces of art!

Featured Image: Columbia Records

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