Charlotte Lawrence Drops Honest New Track “Navy Blue”

Dreamy singer-songwriter Charlotte Lawrence has released a new melancholy tune, titled “Navy Blue.” The LA-raised artist is a musical force at the young age of nineteen and has been releasing music for years now.

Although Charlotte is young, she is no stranger to pain and getting through tough experiences, especially when it comes to love. In her newest release, “Navy Blue” Charlotte sings about the trials and tribulations of a toxic relationship that she is reluctant to let go of. “Don’t say the words we know are true // Just one more lie, it’s not much to lose // Pretend that I’m not wrong for you,” Charlotte is self-aware but choosing to live in ignorance, something that anyone who has been in a toxic relationship can relate to.

It’s honest and raw, and you can hear the vulnerability in Charlotte’s vocals. The verses highlight her soft, almost whispering, beautiful voice on top of a haunting melody. The chorus is much stronger, sonically, almost mirroring the highs and lows of the relationship she’s describing.

The cover art for “Navy Blue” perfectly encompasses the mood of the track. It’s a slightly blurry blue aesthetic photo of Charlotte emerging from a pool. It’s simple but evokes the feeling of sorrow portrayed from the sound of “Navy Blue.” The video paired with the track is a simple visual of Charlotte swimming in a pool and posing in front of hypnotic colored lights. It’s appropriately moody and the blank stare on her face matches the exposed lyrics she’s putting out into the world.

“Navy Blue” appears to be a defining track for this moment in Charlotte’s career. She’s going out on the Navy Blue tour this fall, where she’ll be performing the sulky song to her fans. Check out the “Navy Blue” visual and make sure to keep an eye out on the rising pop singer-songwriter.

Featured Image: Atlantic Records