Chelsea Cutler Is Making Us Emotional With New Single “You Are Losing Me”

Fall has got us all in our feels. And so does Chelsea Cutler. The singer from Connecticut just dropped an emotional track called “You Are Losing Me.” As the song is an ode to an ex, the lyrics are emotional. In addition to just singing, Chelsea is also a talented producer and songwriter, which clearly comes through on this track. “You Are Losing Me” is one of several singles Cutler has released this year, and hopefully, there is more where that came from.

“You Are Losing Me” tells the story of someone going through a breakup. After all the pain their partner put them through, they still hope their ex regrets it when they leave. Lyrics such as “You’re gonna wish that I was sleeping next to you,” hit right where it hurts. For anyone who has gone through a bad relationship, the words are powerful. Sometimes you just wish they saw things before it was too late. Even though you are moving on, sometimes you want the other person to feel regret.

Production-wise, the track is beautifully done. The light beats and instrumentation flow nicely with the somber lyrics. However, they still keep it more on the upbeat side. You can hear the power behind Chelsea’s voice. The musician clearly has a knack for making soft EDM tracks into emotional and introspective masterpieces. It is refreshing to have a young women who is multitalented continue to dominate an up-and-coming subgenre of music.

At only 22, Chelsea Cutler continues to grow as an artist and continues to draw in listeners. “You Are Losing Me” exemplifies everything that makes Chelsea’s music so special with the blend of instrumentation, production and relatable lyrics. After collaborating with artists such as Kygo and Quinn XCII, Chelsea will only grow more. We can’t wait to see what is next for her. Maybe “You Are Losing Me” will be going on a new (and probably beautiful) album?

Featured Image: Republic Records