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Mike Posner Proclaims “Nothing Is Wrong” in New Track

Rattlesnake bites, loss, struggle and shoes that bare 1,000+ miles have nothing on this guy. After accumulating close to 2,500 miles on foot while trekking across America, Michigan musician Mike Posner has a new perspective on life and love, which is demonstrated in his latest material.

The synchronic, dance energy from 2009’s “Cooler Than Me” is off to the side. Transformations in his music (as well as the hair!) came as a shock to fans and those that may have overlooked him before. But, we welcome the new wave of transcendence and authenticity in “Nothing Is Wrong,” a poetic follow-up to his latest album A Really Good Kid.


The track opens with a few soft guitar chords, a calm and collected beginning. Then, a drumbeat abruptly makes its way in, as Posner tells his tale about rediscovering his self-worth, almost re-inventing his image during his absence in the industry. His voice is inviting and cool, subtly disclosing so much emotion in his story.


Within the lyrics are a few confessions: dependence on substances, anxiety and overthinking, the heartbreaking loss of his dad, alterations in his appearance and poor interactions with his friends and women. These lines are raw and clear, depicting the struggles of a confused man. He reveals that his inner vision reflected on his exterior encounters, leading him to feel ashamed and lost.

However, the closing story is a portrait of his discovery to overcome and rise above, with love and a shift in perspective. Posner somewhat preaches affirmation statements such as “I’m not going to be a hamster on a wheel,” “I’m not my haircut,” and “I’m not my body,” to remind his listeners to be resilient. The track is a direct result of his attempts to re-evaluate his life, reconnect with his vision and simplify.

In the final claim, he circles back to the title, leaving us to snap away from the song’s trance. We stan with a wholesome, creative and poetic Mike Posner.

Featured Image: Island Records

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