Adam Lambert Crafts Groovy, ’70s-Inspired VELVET: Side A EP

We all remember Adam Lambert from the moment when he took our breaths away on American Idol to becoming the newest frontman of the legendary rock band Queen and now he’s back with more new music. Lambert has been crazy busy taking the stage with Queen over the past few years and he has finally come through with some new music for his fans. The 37-year-old singer definitely didn’t hold anything back on this new record and we’re loving his new sound. VELVET: Side A has heavy ’70s rock influences and an overall groovy sound that will transport you right to the disco era.

The EP’s opening track, “Superpower,” is the perfect introduction to this project, as it immediately gives us that ’70s feel with an electric baseline and crazy falsettos. Lambert has proven to have an incredible vocal range and really shows it off on his latest projects. In the lyrics, Lambert sings, “You try to put me in a box // Make me something I’m not // Don’t give a f**k, ’cause I’m gonna take back // My superpower.” You can tell that Adam is very confident in his new sound and we’re absolutely loving it.

Along with all the funk-inspired songs right in the middle of the EP, we have “Closer To You,” a soft ballad that really shows Adam’s vocal talent. This six-track EP was the perfect comeback for Adam and “velvet” fits the smooth sounding tracks perfectly. With this being said, we cannot wait for the next project from Lambert; we love the unique new sound and direction that Lambert’s going in and can’t wait to hear more. In the meantime, we definitely recommend listening to VELVET: Side A to get you in the mood to groove. Be sure to leave a comment below and let us know what your favorite track is off this new EP.

Featured Image: Instagram (@AdamLambert)