Dodie "Boys Like You"

Dodie Talks About Unhealthy Relationship Habits in “Boys Like You”

Essex native and YouTube prodigy, Dodie, has released her latest single, “Boys Like You,” in the bosom of her American tour. The singer-songwriter embarked on her 2019 Human Tour, beginning in New York City early September and ending in Hollywood, California in October. Dodie commenced her career posting buoyant, softhearted melodies, matched with emotionally diverse lyrics. Now, with over 160 videos, the artist has obtained over 1.8 million subscribers and over 250 million on her main channel. She has released a series of EPs: Intertwined, You and Human, the most recent EP, leading up to “Boys Like You.”


“Boys Like You” exemplifies Dodie’s divine charisma and true-to-self peculiarity following her previous single, “Guiltless.” The songstress previously teased the track on her Instagram story earlier this month, announcing that she finished a new tune. Dodie navigates the path of emotionally complicated boys — ones that adore objectification. She combats the entanglement of falling for these boys but knowing full-heartedly the disavowal and implications of those actions. Dodie sings, “I’ve got to remember that I’m just a toy // Though you got my hopes up and now I’m annoyed // You thought you could charm me and damn it you’re right // So watch me fall for every damn stereotype // You can’t help it, this is just how we were taught to love // Well there’s a name for boys like you // And yet I feel lucky to hear all of your lines // I hate that they shake me up every time.”

These feelings are all a part of the internal dialogue conveyed in the accompanying video for “Boys Like You.” The “Guiltless” singer beautifully sways alongside a male counterpart exposing her frame of mind while repeatedly falling back into the arms of the one who hurts you time and time again.

Featured Image: Instagram (@doddleoddle)

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