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Niall Horan Is at His Thirstiest on New Single “Nice To Meet Ya”

Niall Horan has nailed the art of the sexy lead single.

During 2018’s Flicker World Tour, his 2017 radio hit and lead single “Slow Hands” was the only song that necessitated coming out from behind his guitar to traverse the stage, often gyrating and thrusting along with the beat. “Nice To Meet Ya,” which was released this Friday, October 4, follows in the same vein.

At its core, “Nice To Meet Ya” is quite a surface level song—Niall has met and charmed a new woman, likely aiming for a one-night stand. However, the funky beat and Eagles-esque power take the song to the next level. While it’s clearly a hit that will do well on the radio—like much of Horan’s solo work—it also has enough old-school soul to sound unique.

Even more, while it harkens back to his work in One Direction (“Temporary Fix“, anyone?) and his previous solo work, it also showcases his natural growth as an artist. “Nice To Meet Ya” is just a little more sultry and a little more mature than what we’ve seen so far on Flicker. And while it may feel natural, it still is just that: growth.

Sure, it’s not as downright depressing as “Too Much to Ask” or “Flicker” (or, let’s be honest, about 80% of Flicker) but the heart-wrenching lyrics Horan’s become known for in his solo career come later. “Slow Hands” led the promotional campaign for his debut album and was a certifiably sexy bop. Now, he’s back and thirstier than ever.

Even better, Horan also teased some new tracks from his upcoming album in the music video. “Small Talk,” “Still,” “Heartbreak Weather” and “No Judgment” will all be featured on his upcoming album, their titles each hidden throughout the video. He’s also snuck two phone numbers into the video, which you’re going to want to call for a surprise. If you can find them, that is.

Featured Image: Capitol Records

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