Listen to Maddie and Tae’s Lovestruck Track “Everywhere I’m Goin'”

Even though female country artists Maddie and Tae have been on tour, they have found time to create music of their own. The duo recently dropped “Everywhere I’m Goin,'” their most heartfelt single yet. Maddie and Tae recently launched a few singles, but none have been as heartfelt as their latest. This single will tug your heartstrings and make you long for the love you are looking for (or already have).

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‘Everywhere I’m Goin” was released by their newfound record label, Mercury Nashville, which was signed in 2018. The single will be found on their newest EP that will drop on October 18. This EP is even rumored to have Dierks Bently included on the tracklist. Many of the songs are representative to the girls’ love that they have in their significant others. This EP is also set to be joined with their other most recent EP to complete a full album. The release date for their new album has not been confirmed.

If you haven’t heard it yet, the newest single is much different than their prior single that recently released. ‘Everywhere I’m Goin” is a much slower ballad of love and relationships. Listeners can tell that the girls put their hearts all in on this single. Throughout the verses, the girls take a journey across places they’ve been but bring it back with a heartfelt chorus.

Our favorite lyrics of the song are: Whole world in my living room // It’s all you, babe // If I could paint paradise, it’d be you // It’s all you, babe // Every red pin on the map I’m holding // You’re everywhere I’ve been // And everywhere I’m goin’// From Backwoods to the neon glowin’// You’re everywhere I’ve been// And everywhere I’m goin.’

The entire song is about love and relationships. We are all longing to find the love that no matter where we are in the world, our whole world is with them.

You can listen to Maddie and Tae’s new single, ‘Everywhere I’m Goin” below.

Featured Image: Mercury Nashville