Sigh No More — Mumford and Sons Celebrate 10 Years of Debut Album With Live EP

I don’t know about you, but we’re having a hard time grasping the fact that Sigh No More is ten! The beautiful melodies and banjo anthems of Mumford and Sons have been blessing our ears for a decade now. It’s honestly crazy! The band’s equally as blown away. So they decided to celebrate in the best way possible: with more music. Well, different versions of our favorites.

Sigh No More Sessions feature some of the most incredible and popular songs from the band’s debut album. However, they’re all taken from various studio sessions. Mumford and Sons‘ lyrics hit extra hard when you can hear every note and voice shake. From the beautiful instrumentals of “Thistle & Weeds” to the classic banjo of “Little Lion Man,” Mumford left something for every fan. The only missing thing is every track.

With delicate vocal harmonies and powerful instrumentals, Mumford showcases their talent on this EP. The British band’s raw talent shines, especially through Marcus’s voice, which becomes more emotional through these live recordings. It’s evident how the original album skyrocketed the band to fame so many years ago. Few songs today have made as much impact as the pain behind “White Blank Page.” There’s no denying how special Sigh No More is for both the band and its fans.

Mumford and Sons have been breaking barriers in sound, genre, lyrics and style for the last decade. Sigh No More will always be a one-of-a-kind album. We may be a bit biased, but as a cohesive whole, the album’s their best work. We are so glad Mumford decided to pass down these special versions of some of their best art to the fans. If you can’t get enough of the original album, the Sigh No More Sessions EP is delicate, touching and brings about every feeling. Here’s to ten more years of Mumford and his sons.

Featured Image: Instagram (@mumfordandsons)