Miranda Lambert’s “Tequila Does” Contains a Newfound Sound

Miranda Lambert has released another song off her Wildcard album and much like its predecessors, it doesn’t disappoint. The newest song to release from the album is titled “Tequila Does” and is different than her usual edginess. Lambert brings old and new country together for the perfect mix, leaving fans wanting more. While “Tequila Does” signifies that over half of the album’s pre-releases, it still builds excitement for what’s coming.

Lambert further teased the song’s release with a video of her making a drink on her Instagram:

Lambert plays with a different sound in this song as she slows it down to a country waltz for the verses. She then picks up the tempo for the chorus, combining old country with her upbeat edge. “Tequila Does” is about a different type of love that Lambert’s all too familiar with. She sings about how cowboys that drink domestic beer can be no match for the buzz that tequila gives her. The lyrics of the chorus are the best part of the song: “’Cause he don’t love me like tequila does // Nobody can // He don’t give me that border town buzz // Like tequila does.” Lambert puts her upbeat edge on the country waltz and showcases her creative talent as an artist in this song.

Lambert has been promoting the new album and will be holding a Wildcard release party in New York where fans can enjoy the album with her. She has also promoted a contest where fans can sign up to win tickets to the release party. Fans everywhere can download Wildcard on November 1. We are hoping the rest of the songs are just as good as the ones that she has already released.

If you want to hear Lambert’s newest song, check out “Tequila Does” here:

Featured Image: RCA Records Nashville