Sasha Sloan "Keep On"

Sasha Sloan Sends an Uplifting Message in Her Track “Keep On”

Sasha Sloan has carved herself a spot as pop music’s signature “sad girl.” In the early stages of her career, her whisper-y vocals and lyrics reminiscent of lonely late-night journal entries became her niche. Now in her latest EP Self Portrait, she reflects on herself, especially the third track, “Keep On.”


“Started crawling in my skin // Looking for a way out // I can feel it happening // So I talk myself down,” Sloan begins the song, her soft voice delivering an enigmatic aura. She describes the feeling of self-loathing, longing to transform into someone else and ignore the weight upon her shoulders. It stays true to Sloan’s usual demeanor — raw, revealing and devastatingly real.

Eventually “Keep On” shifts to uncharted territory. The track’s chorus sews up all the loose ends, the self-deprecation swept away by her hopeful advice. “Okay, baby, you’ll be okay // You just gotta keep, gotta keep on // You just gotta keep on // Rolling even on the bad days // You just gotta keep, gotta keep on,” the 24-year-old croons, vowing a promise to herself she’ll endure even the toughest moments.


It’s a letter of hope to listeners and dedication to people struggling with mental illness — an anthem to play when trudging through dark days, backed by a subtle beat rather than the high-energy club synths invading the charts. Sloan leads her fans through a tumultuous journey — the ups and downs of depression, but still shining despite it all. There’s always more room for a reassuring tune, inciting a light despite the pressures of emotionally drowning. Sloan can do it all with a satisfying flare and still maintains herself as the embodiment of pop music’s future.

Stream Sasha Sloan’s track “Keep On” here.

Featured Image: Instagram (@sadgirlsloan)

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