TXT Gets Magical on New Single and The Dream Chapter: Magic LP

K-pop boy band Tomorrow X Together are back with a magical single and first LP, The Dream Chapter: Magic. Seven months after their highly anticipated debut, their new album is an eclectic mix of genres fronted by the title track “9 and Three Quarters (Run Away).”

The youthful, coming-of-age electro-rock jam is about breaking free from the burdens of everyday life and running away to a place where all your friends can help each other out and be together — with the help of a little magic, of course! The song takes inspiration from the magical elements of Harry Potter (with references to Platform 9 3/4, trains, wands, etc), along with the “bibbidi bobbidi” lyrics which are a signature phrase from Cinderella.

“Please be my eternity, Please call my name // Run away, run away, run away with me,” they sing.

The accompanying music video brings their wishes to life as it blends together scenes of reality and mystique. We follow the members on their journey from school to discovering an enchanting world unlike anything they’ve ever experienced, all the while performing their high energy choreography. In the end, wounds are healed and they find solace within each other.

The b-sides on the album certainly do not disappoint. We get a taste of different genres and styles on the album, as it shows what Soobin, Yeonjun, Beomgyu, Taehyun and Huening Kai are capable of as bright and new singers, rappers and dancers.

The opening track “New Rules” is another electro-pop groove serves as a great introduction into the album’s overall theme. The group showcases their vibrant vocals and versatile raps as they sing about the thrill of being troublemakers and establishing rules on their own terms.

The thematic magical flair continues with the upbeat and charismatic tracks, “Can We Just Leave the Monster Alive?” and “Angel or Devil.”

The quintet explores sensual R&B stylings on the standout track “20cm.”

TXT is the first group to come from the same entertainment company as BTS. With the release of this new LP, it’s clear that the group is well off into establishing their own identity and as one of this year’s most exciting rookie groups with their new LP.

Listen to The Dream Chapter: Magic now:

Featured Image: Big Hit Entertainment