The 1975 Leave Fans on Edge With “Frail State of Mind”

The 1975 have been keeping fans entangled in new music for over a year now. Since the UK band announced they would be releasing not one, but two new albums, fans have lost their minds. Their 2018 album A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships sent the world into a frenzy for The 1975. The band told us it wasn’t over, with Notes On A Conditional Form expected to be out in 2019, and fans were reeling. Of course, tours happen and things change, but they kept us on edge with a few singles, from the opening track to Notes On A Conditional Form — “The 1975” — which brings up climate change and how we have to have to do something, to the energized punk track, “People.” Now The 1975 keep us wondering, “What can’t they do?” with “Frail State Of Mind,” the third single off their upcoming album.

“Our first three albums are the story of a person; it’s always kind of been my story. It spanned adolescence to maturity, success and trying to mediate the two, and the third one is where we are now, I haven’t really decided the statement of where we are now yet. It’s sort of difficult to understand the present.” – Matty Healy to NME, 2018

“Frail State Of Mind” brings about elements of their older music: a sense of familiarity, but also growth. You’ll hear this song and immediately know it’s The 1975. “Frail State Of Mind” is a track that sounds like the background of your own movie monologue; it feels as if you’re living on a night out with friends, but suddenly your thoughts and the drinks get to you. Frontman Matty Healy‘s voice is layered and echoed throughout the track, giving a feeling of what it’s like to properly lose your mind.

This song gears up for the classic energy around a new release from The 1975. Even Matty Healy himself says this feels like “classic The 1975.” If the energy around Notes… keeps up, we’ll all be feeling the same way we did the first time we heard “Chocolate.”

Notes On A Conditional Form will be out February 21, 2020 via Interscope/Dirty Hit. You can pre-save and pre-order the album on the band’s website. Tickets and dates to their upcoming 2019 and 2020 tour are also available on the band’s website.

Listen to “Frail State Of Mind” here:

Featured Image: Instagram (@the1975)