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Doja Cat Proves She’s an Alpha Female in New “Rules” Music Video

Doja Cat proves to us, yet again, that she’s the ultimate package with the release of her new music video for single “Rules.” As the album release approaches (November 7), she teases fans with a little taste of what’s yet to come.

“Rules” stands as the third single released from Doja’s upcoming sophomore album Hot Pink. Earlier this year, the singer-songwriter dropped hits like “Juicy (Remix)” featuring Tyga, and creatively produced “Bottom Bitch,” in which she sampled the iconic Blink-182 single “What’s My Age Again?”

Doja is known for creating funny, quirky bops inspired by her super creative fantasy-like imagination, which makes the success of new single “Rules” no surprise to us. The music video already has over 5 million views within less than a week!

The western-themed video is dramatically centered around Doja, who plays the figurehead of a cat mafia. The fictional plot is sexy and captivating. There’s no doubt that Doja is on a power-trip since she’s shown flexing on us with her curvy figure and unlimited wealth. As the feline mafia boss, the singer is decked out in the most colorful, extra outfits while rocking very detailed “cat-like” makeup. The whole character created by Doja Cat is ironically funny because she quite literally claims to be a cat.

Each scene features a costume change, giving Doja three different looks. She goes from channeling her inner pimp with an entangled purple bodysuit to embodying her alpha-female energy, wearing a seductive three-piece suit. The playful use of dress-up allows Doja to reflect different parts of her personality through various alter egos. She proves to be a dynamic female artist who isn’t afraid to play up whatever role she wants.


One of the most attractive aspects of Doja Cat’s discography and overall image is her alpha-female “IDGAF” attitude. Her projects cover a spectrum of personality, from being super sweet and hyper-femme to an extreme hustler mentality.

In this particular visual project, Doja depicts her dominant and demanding side of her ego. For instance, she strongly opens the “Rules” with a catchy chorus, singing, “Said play with my p*ssy // But don’t play with my emotions // If you spend some money // Then maybe I just might f*ck ya // Wanna shake that a** // I’ma do this sh*t in slow motion // You got a whole lotta cash // And, n*gga, you know I want it.”

Doja Cat never fails to amaze us with her creative content, witty demeanor and fierce confidence. She shows everyone who’s boss in her new video by laying down the “Rules,” inspiring women to start demanding the things we strive for in life. In the simplest terms, Doja Cat is a full-on bad b*tch, and we cannot wait to see where she takes her creativity with her upcoming album Hot Pink!

Featured Image: RCA Records

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