PVRIS Hallucinations EP

You’re Not Hallucinating: The New PVRIS EP Is Here and It Is Amazing

Things had been quiet on the PVRIS front recently. Luckily, after a two-year break, Lynn Gunn, Alex Babinski and Brian MacDonald have graced us with their presence again. This time, it’s in the form of the hauntingly beautiful Hallucinations EP. The EP’s a magical blend of new and old sounds. Lynn even said most of the lyrics were written long ago. And as always, PVRIS has given us fantastic visuals to accompany the new sounds.

Lyrically, Hallucinations touches on love won, and moreso, love lost. “Things Are Better” is an extremely powerful song about moving on from something toxic. You can hear the pain in Lynn’s voice and how strong she is now. One of PVRIS’s strengths has always been their ability to play on emotions. For example, “Old Wounds” hits home for anyone who has reconsidered a relationship that ended maybe too soon.

Sonically, the Massachusetts band once again successfully blended rock, alternative, electronic and indie sounds. For instance, the title track, “Hallucinations,” is upbeat with guitars and drums, but has electric beats. The first two tracks of the EP are fun and danceable. The middle song, “Death Of Me,” strategically uses fluxes in pace and switches between electronic and raw instrumentation. The last two songs have a slower pace, but blend perfectly to create a well-rounded tracklist.

The Hallucinations EP shows PVRIS’s growth as it lyrically and musically shows all aspects of their past. However, it still has a hints of a stronger, 2019 PVRIS. Lynn Gunn is truly talented at connecting with her audience through her words. We can’t wait to continue to see the band grow as the last five years have been quite the journey. If the EP leads to more content through art, shows or songs, we will be there for any and all of it.

Featured Image: Instagram (@thisispvris)

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