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Listen to Sideline Star: The New EP From Indie-Pop Singer Claud

Indie-pop up-and-comer Claud released their latest EP, Sideline Star, this week. If you haven’t heard of Claud before, now’s your chance to hop on board. Sideline Star‘s an anthem for the millennial heart. Musing on relationships, growing up and how (unfortunately) some people just have to be straight, Claud puts it all out on the table in this collection of songs.

Claud doesn’t shy away in the opening of the EP, greeting us with “Do You Need Me?” It’s an introspective-yet-cheery tune, asking those all of those questions that arise when you’re growing away from someone you’re close to. “Can you tell me what it’s like // To be living on the fly? // To be living for yourself // Do you need me or do you need somebody else?” The chorus hits home for those lonely moments that are found as you grow up.

Claud continues the project in what’s their signature sound. Soft-yet-electronic production layered with indie guitar patterns and rift. Their voice’s delicate yet confident, convincing in every word and harmony that comes out of their mouth. This is especially true in “Miss You,” which is riddled with light autotune and pointed electronic drums. This is one of those tracks that just reminds you of those moments after a break-up where you want to be strong. But sometimes, that just isn’t the case.

A standout on the EP is the title track, “Sideline Star.” The vocals flow effortlessly over synth-y goodness. Claud describes the hardships that are modern-day relationships. Not only do they lightheartedly discuss the process, but they continue to talk about the absurdity that comes with being alone all of a sudden. Truly a modern-day record — a bit genre-less but floating close to indie-pop, while recording the hardships of growing up and being young right now. Check out the EP here:

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