Alexander 23 Makes Solid Debut With I’m Sorry I Love You EP

Months after the release of his first single, “Dirty AF1s“, Alexander 23 has officially dropped his debut EP, I’m Sorry I Love You. The solid body of work cements the budding artist’s range and takes us on a rollercoaster of catchy tunes that will be stuck in our heads for days.

The EP boasts nine tracks in which the Chicago native pulls triple duty as writer, producer and performer. There’s a little bit of everything in I’m Sorry I Love You and the rising star has no qualms with toying with his sound. Though he’s often tossed into the indie-pop genre, Alexander allows himself free range to do what he sees fit. After all, the concept of genres is all but obsolete at this point.

One of the several standouts, “High School,” is a sweet track that reminisces on the titular years. It’s accentuated by a palpable sense of regret that only an honest songwriter could accomplish. On the opposite end of the spectrum is “Girls,” a fun, straightforward song about being infatuated with someone and desiring to learn everything about them. “Sad,” “When I Die” and “20 Something” are heavy on emotion and melancholy, and their placement contributes to the dynamic of the EP as a whole. It’s a relatable rollercoaster ride that’s equal parts thrilling and soothing.

The production work is just as versatile and correlates well with Alexander’s smooth crooning. His contradictory blend of sounds — where the lyrics and the music often offset each other — are effective and they emphasize the sentiment behind each track. I’m Sorry I Love You is a solid collection of music and a great way to kick-start a career. We can’t wait to hear what else Alexander brings to the table in the future.

Featured Image: Interscope Records