Make room! My Chemical Romance Have Reunited!

If you felt a disturbance in the Force on Halloween, it’s probably because you felt the collective scream of every emo kid in existence.

After months of speculation, a very public dragging of Joe Jonas, and a lot of denial, the saviors of the broken, the beaten and the damned have come back.

It all started when My Chemical Romance changed their icons on Twitter and Instagram, with their Instagram story being updated with four cards labeled “Clarity,” “Courage,” “Sacrifice,” and (very fittingly) “Devotion.”

Finally, at 12 p.m. sharp, both accounts announced “RETURN,” and the highly anticipated reunion show, which will be taking place on December 20 at the Shrine Expo Hall in Los Angeles. The announcement was made just 24 hours before tickets for the reunion show would go on sale.

And while it’s obviously a big deal in the alternative music world, it was a big enough deal in the real world — even CNN covered it.

Mostly, it’s just news that caught a lot of people by surprise. Singer Gerard Way seemed busy with season two of The Umbrella Academy, rhythm guitarist Frank Iero was busy touring with his own band, bassist Mikey Way had just released his own line of comic books and lead guitarist Ray Toro had all but disappeared off the face of the earth, with his last social media posts being almost a year old.

Certainly, it seems like a strange time for a reunion, but My Chemical Romance were never ones to follow convention, and the fact that a simple Instagram post can spark so much speculation (like “what does it all mean?” and “are they actually going on a full tour?”) is proof of the band’s legendary status.

Even returning in 2019 is a clever touch — superfans will remember that Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys was set in the near-distant future of 2019 — though, judging by the posts, it’s unlikely that this new My Chemical Romance era will be a continuation of the previous album.

Either way, this might just be the biggest music news of 2019.

Keep Running.

Featured Image: Reprise Records