Dua Lipa Dances Away From Old Relationships in Neon New Single “Don’t Stop Now”

Dua Lipa is back and radiating strong, independent woman energy once again! Finally, the British singer-songwriter has dropped the leading single to her second studio album. We don’t have too many album details yet, but lead single, “Don’t Start Now,” is an absolute banger. Dua is back and blonde in a music video to accompany the song, and we just can’t get enough.

“Don’t Start Now” is about an ex that just can’t seem to move on, even if he was the problem. We have all been there, and our girl Dua is here to show us we can be down after heartbreak but to also let us know we are more powerful on the other side of things. Musically, the song has catchy beats and changes in pace to keep listeners going. And as always, Dua Lipa’s vocals are powerful, yet soothing. She is quickly becoming a household name and rising among to pop royalty ranks.

The music video for the song is a fun and bright night out for the singer and her friends. Unsurprisingly, Dua Lipa is rocking a kickass outfit (as are her friends). Through multiple parties — a restaurant, a gala and a club — they dance the night away. There is the pain of going out and trying to move on that you can see through the emotions. The video has great use of camera angles and neon lights, making it super aesthetically pleasing for viewers. It’s definitely one you can’t miss.

We love to see that Dua Lipa is once again helping us squash our old relationships so we can move on and keep dancing. Her sound has matured even more with this single, and musically, it is still perfect in terms of a strong pop piece. With a visually stunning music video to accompany it, we cannot wait for more from Dua Lipa!

Featured Image: Instagram (@dualipa)