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Tame Impala Says “It Might Be Time” for a New Record

This week Tame Impala came at us with a double whammy. Not only did they announce their new record, The Slow Rush, and they also released their latest single, “It Might Be Time”. Following the indie act’s other single “Borderline,” Tame Impala is really pushing toward a more dancy feel for their usually ethereal music.

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“It Might Be Time” opens with tiny stabbing synths that drive a dance-y vibe to the track. There’s a nice groove that pulls you in and makes you want to keep up with it. For the beginning of a Tame Impala track, it was a little surprising. Kevin Parker is taking a deep dive into existentialism in these latest tracks.

“But hey there’s nothing wrong // I’m only tired of all these voices // Always sayin’, “Nothing’ lasts forever,” he complains in the chorus. It’s an interesting nod to trying to live life to the fullest.

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Thank you coachella I had a lovely time

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“It might be time to face it // It ain’t as fun as it used to be no, // You’re goin’ under // You ain’t as young as you used to be.” Parker continues on the theme of coping with growing up in this modern age. There’s a time that everyone has to face growing up, but at least he can do it on top of indie synth melodies. Although it’s a fun track to move along to, it has a sense of urgency to it. The themes of growing up coincide with the little siren sound. Everything continues to float in and out of the background of the instrumental chorus.

Tame Impala is gearing up for a mini-tour in 2020 featuring Clairo as their opener. Stay tuned for the new album set to drop on February 14, and listen to “It Might Be Time” in the meantime!

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