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Jacob Whitesides Drops Colorful New EP Just Ahead of 22nd Birthday

Tennessee native Jacob Whitesides released his brand new EP, Colors, just days before his 22nd birthday (which happens to be today) and it is the first big project he has released in over two years. Whitesides took a break from music for a few years, with his last release being his sexy single “Killing Me” in 2017, to truly find the perfect vision for his music and we’re so glad he did. In short, this new EP is perfect.

The 9-track EP features his three most recent singles “Whole,” “Special” and “Faking In Love” along with a new song, “Don’t Even Fight,” as well as fan-favorite, “The Letter,” which fans have been wanting on streaming platforms for years. Whitesides also included acoustic versions of each.

While taking his beak, the now 22-year-old, took to Instagram over a year ago to explain his new black and white theme, losing his team and becoming fully independent, as he “lost his color” and slowly gained it back when he announced his first comeback single as an independent artist this past June.

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I’ve been thinking a lot lately about all of my goals, and what i want to do with my life. A year ago i lost my entire team that i had previously been working with, and was basically on my own over this past year. I took those 12 months on my own to figure out exactly who i want to be. I am thankful I have the fans i do that have allowed me that precious time. This isn’t the announcement of a huge project.. yet.. but this is the start of using my instagram to involve you all WAY more in my process. Everything i post from now on will be black and white until my next project of music… so when you see color you will know. Thank you for your patience, im beyond excited to make my instagram less selfies and more of who i really am and what im capable of as a songwriter and human.

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Colors is an EP that truly showcases Whitesides’ growth as an artist. Taking the time to perfect his sound and art was one of the best decisions. Although fans became restless at times, this was what he needed personally and artistically and because of that, color has never looked so good.

Jacob Whitesides is an artist whose passion, dedication and humility shine through his music, and we are wishing him a birthday full of color.

The Colors EP is now available on all streaming platforms.

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