Alessia Cara "Make It To Christmas"

Alessia Cara Pleads to “Make It To Christmas” in Her Holiday Single

It might not be Christmas yet, but Alessia Cara’s new single “Make It To Christmas” is getting us in the holiday spirit!

After dropping an EP and multiple collaborations this year, Cara’s finishing the year out with a Christmas song that tugs at our heartstrings. Sure, the production’s upbeat and filled with harmonies and Christmas bells, but the lyrics tell a more tragic tale: “Darling, I know that our love is going cold,” Cara sings mournfully before pleading, “Please, can we make it to Christmas?”


It’s a song that many couples will be able to relate to; after all, who wants to spend the holidays alone? In addition to trying to get her lover to stay, Cara wonders how she’ll break things to her parents if the relationship ends, singing, “Don’t know what I’ll say to Dad when he sees the empty chair // Don’t want to hear my mom say, ‘Told you so.’” It’s a feeling that anyone who’s been single over a holiday can relate to. She even tells her lover he can end things on Boxing Day, just as long as he stays through December 25.

Even though the lyrics paint a picture of a relationship on the skids, there’s still a note of hope that runs through the song. When Cara sings “Can we make it to Christmas?” you get the feeling that they just might. “Make It To Christmas” is Cara’s first release since she dropped the Last Summer EP in September.

Check out “Make It To Christmas” now!

Featured Image: Instagram (@alessiasmusic)

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