Hot Chelle Rae Might Hate LA, but We Love Them for Coming Back

Apparently reunions are so 2019! This year has given us the return of many greats, including the Jonas Brothers and My Chemical Romance. Now, we are adding another one to the mix: Hot Chelle Rae.

You may remember them from several years ago with total bangers, like “Tonight, Tonight” and “I Like It Like That.” However, we haven’t heard from them in five years. With a lot of their fellow pop-rock bands returning with new sounds in 2019, Hot Chelle Rae is coming in hot. They just dropped a new single, “I Hate LA,” and if this is any indication of where the band is heading, we’re ready.

“I Hate LA” is a fun and catchy song, much like Hot Chelle Rae’s previous hits. However, sound-wise, they have matured and adapted to the new age. The single is reminiscent of other pop and alternative rock bands popular now, such as Walk the Moon and Fall Out Boy. The production and instrumentals are crisp, and of course, there are some classic “La la las” (also a play on words). Overall, the vibe of the song is upbeat, sassy and the perfect song for a sunny day.

Lyrically, “I Hate LA” is full of puns and rhymes that make take a few listens to catch. It also has some great breakup lines like, “I know it sounds dramatic, but it makes me want to die.” And of course, the song is about how one girl ruined a whole city, but as soon as she moves (“U-hul turning lemons into lemonade”), LA is amazing again. It’s funny and relatable. We honestly can’t stop listening.

If you also always had a heart for bands like The Maine and Boys Like Girls, the Hot Chelle Rae comeback is something maybe you didn’t know you needed. We love to see bands we love coming back stronger after a hiatus. Hopefully, “I Love LA” is the first of many fun singles. And, who knows, maybe a tour or even a song of the summer like it’s 2011 again?

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