GOT7 Returns With Sophisticated Call My Name EP

Since their debut in 2014, K-pop boy band GOT7 have built up a dedicated fanbase with their signature synth-pop hits, acrobatic stage performances and larger-than-life personalities. The septet has returned with their most sophisticated release to date — their 10th EP Call My Name.

The sleek title single “You Calling My Name” serves up a sultrier and softer vibe compared to their previous hard-hitting releases. On the sensual R&B song, they yearn for a former lover to call out their name again as they acknowledge past mistakes. The members deliver strong vocal performances and fierce raps over a silky synth production. The accompanying music video showcases a minimalistic, darker and sexier concept — a noticeable visual evolution for the group.

The beginning shot features the group in a clockwork formation as JB lies on his side and rotates around as the clock’s hands while he pushes off the feet of his members. They continue to perform slick choreography as lighting effects and shadows permeate the scenes adding a layer of mystery and drama.

The b-sides are just as refreshing as they explore more light-hearted themes while retaining their classic synth-y production. Leader JB (under the moniker Defsoul) is credited as a songwriter on three tracks, including the lead single, “Pray,” and “Thursday.” “Pray” is a synth-pop love song and contains a stylistic pre-chorus rap from the deep-voiced Mark and Jackson. The standout track, “Thursday,” is a cleverly written and upbeat jam. Jackson’s raspy voice on the chorus is a highlight.

“Now or Never” is a tropical house hit that features production from English DJ Jonas Blue. The Jinyoung-penned “Run Away” is a sweet love song. Vocal performances are smoother than ever as we get to hear Yugyeom’s airy voice combined with JB’s harmonies.

The dramatic closing track “Crash & Burn” was written by youngest member, Yugyeom. The track showcases each of the members’ strengths extremely well, including Youngjae’s and JB’s powerful vocals and the poignant verses of Mark and BamBam.

Throughout their five-year journey, GOT7 has released many albums as their sound and image have continued to evolve. Their artistic growth has always involved keeping their fans in mind. The new album takes listeners on a smooth and invigorating ride (compared to the emotional journey that was Spinning Top).

Listen to Call My Name now:

Featured Image: JYP Entertainment