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Jayden Bartels Connects to Many With New Single “The Group”

Releasing her first song in the summer of last year, Jayden Bartels is back with a new EP and music video! Inspired heavily by personal experiences, this recent work is close to her heart, and we got all the details when she recently chatted with us here at Soundigest.

How did you know being a singer-songwriter was your thing?

I’ve always loved to write stories and poetry, and once I started to sing, I immediately fell in love with songwriting.

Who or what would you say influences you the most when writing?

All of my writing comes from personal experiences, so I’m inspired in different ways on a daily basis. When it comes to song-writing style, Grace Vanderwaal, Alec Benjamin and Clairo are all huge influences for me.

Congratulations on releasing your new EP, What Really Matters? What do you hope fans take away from the new project?

The reason I named the EP What Really Matters? is so people could ask themselves that question and maybe learn something!

Your newest single, “The Group,” is shares a story that a lot of people can relate to. Where did you get the inspiration for the track?

It was inspired by my real life! I was in a friend group where I started to realize I wasn’t able to be my true self.

The video really hits home with the lyrics to the track. Can you tell us where you came up with the idea of the visuals?

Because “The Group” was inspired by a situation that happened to me, I had a very specific idea of how I wanted to bring the story to life. I wanted it to look like how I felt in the group. It was amazing to direct my own video — I really had the freedom to make it my own.

If you had to pick one song on the EP that described you as an artist, which would it be and why?

Because it’s the song I’m closest to, I would say “Second.” I knew exactly what I wanted to say when I wrote it, so it was very easy to write. I feel it’s the song that best reflects my songwriting style right now.

Are there any other videos in the works for other songs on the EP?

I definitely have some ideas so it’s very possible.

What is your favorite song on the EP and why?

I can’t pick a favorite, but I’ve had a lot of people tell me they’ve been loving and connecting with “I Love U 2 Much, Bye” recently, which is so exciting to hear.

Can we look out for any live shows soon?

Yes, I’m going on tour all across the U.S. with Echosmith in February and March of next year!

What else can fans look forward to this year?

Lots of new music that I can’t wait to release.

Take a look at the video for “The Group” below!

Featured Image: Crowd Surf Los Angeles

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