Camila Cabello Falters on Her New Single “Living Proof”

Camila Cabello released her latest single “Living Proof” off of her forthcoming album, Romance, last Friday. The song’s the sixth track to be released prior to the album, which drops December 6.

The song’s a bit different than the 22-year-old “Havana” singer’s usual catchy pop hit. From the get-go, the intro catches you off guard; it’s a chorus of children singing “Ah-ah-ah-I promise.” The melody’s also an unusual series of hand-claps accompanied by guitar strumming. In this case, the unusual melody doesn’t work for me.

The lyrics in the verses are actually quite good, but the hand-claps in the background detract from them because they’re so obnoxious and distracting. By the time the bridge rolls around, the hand-claps have stopped (thankfully) and have been replaced by a lone drum beat. It’s the best part of the track: “Like a choir singing “Hallelujah” // When my body’s crashin’ right into you.”

The chorus is sung entirely in falsetto, which is when I decided that I was really disappointed by the song. The falsetto chorus sounds completely off. What should be a catchy chorus (or at least a memorable one), comes off as a screeching, ear-gouging mess.

What the “Señorita” singer’s saying is difficult to comprehend (I had to Google the lyrics to figure it out) because her enunciation isn’t great. “Where did you come from, baby? // And were you sent to save me? // Ooh, there’s God in every move // Ooh, and you’re the living proof.” Again, great lyrics, but the way they’re sung in this case detracts from them.

The second verse is a big improvement over the first because it lacks the hand-claps in the melody and the way Cabello sings the lyrics feels much more natural. Some of the strongest lyrics are present here: “Countin’ freckles, as they run down your spine // Show your demons, and I might show you mine // One at a time, yeah, yeah, what are you hidin’?” This verse actually reminds me of something her fellow ex-tourmate (on the Reputation Stadium Tour), Taylor Swift, might write.

Unfortunately, the rest of the song’s overshadowed by a bad melody and more falsetto. As a long-time fan of Cabello, I was seriously disappointed in this track. The lyrics are great, but they’re only half of what’s important in a song. The melody didn’t do it for me and the song overall feels like a big misstep.

“Living Proof” was written with Justin Tranter and Alexandra Tamposi, and was produced by Mattman & Robin. You can listen to the track below:

Featured Image: Epic Records

Sarah DeNunzio

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