"L.O.V.E. Me" Hayley Kiyoko

Hayley Kiyoko Shares Infectious, Romantic Single “L.O.V.E. Me”

Lesbian Jesus Hayley Kiyoko has been making moves for her upcoming not-so-album I’m Too Sensitive For This Shit, which is more of a collection of singles Kiyoko will release through January 2020. On the latest single she’s released, Kiyoko gives us some nostalgia and romance on the track “L.O.V.E. Me.”

“This project is a great bridge to where I’m headed for the sophomore album. I’m just going to keep working on that and make it into something special.” -Hayley Kiyoko via Rolling Stone


The track is bubbly, nostalgic and full of love. It’s essentially the ’90s lesbian pop anthem we never had and always needed. The track sounds like if we had lesbian Spice Girls and keeps you in the mood to dance through your tears. On the track, Hayley Kiyoko sings about how she wants to love a girl so badly, but she won’t waste her time if the girl won’t commit to her in the same way and give her all. We’ve all experienced the feeling Kiyoko’s singing about, making it hit a little harder.

So girl, don’t tell me you love me
If you don’t really want me
I’m working through my issues
Yeah, I’m gonna kiss you
In front of everybody that wants to be your honey
If you have a problem, don’t tell me you love me

This is still just the beginning of the I’m Too Sensitive For This Shit era. Hayley Kiyoko will be going out on tour in support of the project at the end of January through March of 2020. Tickets and VIP packages for the I’m Too Sensitive For This Shit Tour can be found on Hayley Kiyoko’s website.

Watch the awesome animated lyric video designed by 351 Studio and queer artist Saige Guevara for “L.O.V.E. Me” here:

Featured Image: Instagram (@hayleykiyoko

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