Khalid Is Keeping Us “Up All Night” With His Newest Single

Khalid is keeping us “Up All Night” with his latest track and we’re loving it! We all know that Khalid has been on the world stage and has been a little preoccupied from making new music, so this single was a little bit of a surprise for fans. “Up All Night” is Khalid’s first solo single since his newest album came out in April. Lucky for us, Khalid didn’t take much time between the announcement and the actual release!

Khalid took to Instagram just two days before the single’s release during his tour stop in Tokyo:

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Thursday. 8 am EST đź’ś

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Just a few days later he took to Instagram with a snippet of the song in celebration of the single’s release:

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Up All Night out now

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The single is in true Khalid R&B style. Khalid is known to create songs that relate to fans and this one may be the most relatable one that he has come out with yet. The song heavily hits on coping mechanisms, getting older and dealing with the pain. We all have experienced being kept up all night with our thoughts and our busyness of life, so Khalid’s really hitting home with his fans. Some of our favorite lyrics are the opening lines of the song: “Take me ’round the world and back again // As I’m searching for my soul out there // Oh, there’s something that I’m wondering (Yeah) // Where I’m going when my story ends.” We are all looking for ourselves and trying to find ourselves while dealing with the struggles of everyday life.

Khalid has been touring the world and enjoying his life, but we are all ready for some new music. Thankfully, his new single came out and we can enjoy something for now!

Stay “Up All Night” with us and listen to Khalid’s newest single here:

Featured Image: RCA Records