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A Definitive Listing of Our Top 5 Favorite Covers From Conan Gray

Conan Gray

From his early days of being a quirky teen personality on YouTube to becoming the Streamy Awards’ “Breakthrough Artist of 2019,” it’s no secret that Conan Gray is rapidly growing as an artist while on the brink of adulthood. Gray’s most well-known for his creativity combining emotional lyrics with his soft, breathy vocals. The singer-songwriter flourishes in the realm of dreamy bedroom pop, as he writes most of his songs from the comfort of his own home. Perhaps this explains why his songs feel so deeply personal, yet relatable. Conan has a great gift of translating his feelings into soothing sounds with somber undertones. Aside from his own discography, Conan’s performing presence is always captivating, even when he’s singing someone else’s song! Today this indie-pop prince turns 21 and in honor of his birthday we’re going to share some of his best covers with you (that you may be sleeping on)!

Featured Image: Instagram (@conangray)

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