Conan Gray

A Definitive Listing of Our Top 5 Favorite Covers From Conan Gray

2. “Dream a Little Dream of Me”

Another thing we absolutely admire about Conan is his creative freedom as an artist! He’s a bit quirky and often takes things outside of the box for pure entertainment. In this “Dream a Little Dream of Me” cover video, Conan records his entire rendition sitting in his pink bathtub in his quaint little Los Angeles apartment. He shared, “tbh I don’t even know who did the original version of this song. It’s one of those songs that seems like it’s existed since the dawn of creation.” Although this song has been around for decades, the original credits go to Fabian Andre and Wilber Schwandt for writing the music and Gus Kahn for writing the lyrics. This classic goes back to the 1930s, yet Conan somehow succeeded in making this aged tune sound like one of his own.

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