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The 16 Best K-pop Songs of 2019

16. “Butterfly” — Loona

Wildly popular on the internet, girl group Loona released the inspiring single “Butterfly.” The unique electronic sound plus airy and diverse vocal tones from the members make the song a standout.

15. “Fear” — Seventeen

13 members strong and four years into their career, Seventeen have come a long way since their youthful debut days. Their single “Fear” chartered new territory into the world of emotional and dark electro-pop. They aren’t afraid to take risks and this one paid off.

14. “You Calling My Name” — GOT7

“You Calling My Name” introduced a darker and sexier concept to the GOT7 fanbase. The sleek and sophisticated R&B single is a sonic maturity for the group as they show off their individual talents with smooth vocals and fierce raps.

13. “Jopping” — SuperM

The world got its first taste of a K-pop supergroup with the creation of SuperM. The dynamic single “Jopping” showcased an intense performance style and individual talents.

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