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The 16 Best K-pop Songs of 2019

12. “Feel Special” — Twice

TWICE did it once again with the poignant and heartfelt single “Feel Special.” While they suffered some setbacks during the year, the group came back stronger than ever.

11. “Dalla Dalla” — Itzy

As JYP’s Entertainment new rookie girl group, the five ladies of Itzy made a splash with the empowering debut single “Dalla Dalla.”

10. “Blueming” — IU

As one of South Korea’s most successful soloists, R&B songstress IU is certainly a gem in the K-pop world. Her domination continued with the release of the sweet and metaphorical “Blueming.”

9. “Snapping” — Chung Ha

After debuting with I.O.I, Chung Ha has become one of K-pop’s most popular breakout artists. As a soloist, she’s shined with her sharp performances and silky vocals. “Snapping” showcases her artistry in the best way possible.

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