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The 16 Best K-pop Songs of 2019

4. “Crown” — TXT

As the first group to debut from Big Hit Entertainment since BTS, TXT had an immense pressure to establish themselves as a unique and separate entity from their ultra-famous labelmates. The debut single “Crown” was a playful and energetic hit and great introduction to the rookie K-pop group.

3. “Highway to Heaven” — NCT 127

The guys of NCT 127 gave us one of the best pop singles of the year with “Highway to Heaven.” The uplifting anthem was first sung in Korean and a romantic version was later released in English. Either way, the single connected with fans worldwide and further established the act as an international phenomenon to watch.

2. “Boy With Luv” — BTS

The biggest boy band in the world made their comeback in April with their album Map of the Soul: Persona and the sleek single “Boy With Luv” featuring Halsey. BTS once again broke records when the music video came out and the explosive new single managed to catapult them into even more international recognition and success.

1. “Fancy” — Twice

Although the women of Twice have captivated the hearts with their iconic title tracks from “TT” to “What is Love,” it wasn’t until the release of “Fancy” that it felt like a new wave had been ushered in for the girl group. The fun electronic-dance track introduced a sultrier and mature concept both sonically and visually, compared to their usual bubblegum-pop sound. They’ve solidified their place as one of Asia’s top girl groups and the best is yet to come from Twice.

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