Harry Styles, We “Adore You” and Your New Single

We’ve finally made it to Eroda, and honestly, we never plan on leaving. THAT’S how flawless Harry Styles‘ new single is. Entitled “Adore You,” this track completely caught us off guard.

It seems like every time Styles drops a new song, he raises our expectations that much more. And yet, we’re blown away once again.

We know we said “Lights Up” contained a hint of R&B upon listening (just about a million times), but we heard some major R&B vibes coming from the “Watermelon Sugar” crooner in “Adore You.” Despite our deep and cherished love for his classic rock phase, we certainly welcome this shift in genre. It’s the perfect blend of rock and soul and everything that’s beautiful in the world.

Styles kicks off the track by immediately letting us know just how completely infatuated he is with the person he’s singing to, chanting, “Walk in your rainbow paradise // Strawberry lipstick state of mind // I get so lost inside your eyes // Would you believe it?”

It’s clear that, while his first single was about finding yourself and his second about sex, this third single is all about devotion. It’s about missing that one person who really made you feel love in its purest form, and it’s about knowing that person isn’t yours anymore — or maybe wasn’t yours at all to begin with. Regardless, you’d still walk through fire for them, just as Styles sings.

And as he’s yearning for this person, he still has to let them know, “You don’t have to say you love me // You don’t have to say nothing // You don’t have to say you’re mine.”

He sweetly gives the subject of the track the pet name “honey” when he declares, “I’d walk through fire for you // Just let me adore you,” and later lets them know, “That’s the only thing I’d ever do.” The sweet falsettos that surround these declarations make them that much more heart-wrenching and dreamy. The sentiment is pure sweetness, and it’s left us imagining a world much before our own — a world made for the romantics.

In “Adore You,” and what we know of the Fine Line era thus far, Styles reveals a whole new level of vulnerability that we’ve never seen from him before. The song ignites that place in our hearts that’s longing to be filled by someone who means everything, and it’s enchanting.

It’s another reason why we can say we love Harry Styles with every bit of our music-obsessed hearts. His heartbreak and longing become our heartbreak and longing.

And “Adore You” is utterly mesmerizing. It’s the type of song you play on repeat in your car with all the windows rolled down, even in the dead of winter. It’s just THAT song. It makes you feel something — makes you long for someone who may or may not be there anymore.

That’s the measure of a great artist — making you feel every bit of the emotion they put into their work. And with the Fine Line drop merely a week away, we’re expecting a very emotional December — and 2020 for that matter.

Featured Image: Columbia Records