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Taylor Swift’s “Christmas Tree Farm” Is an Ode to Her Childhood

Taylor Swift has brought us holiday cheer by writing her first original Christmas tune since 2007. The song, titled “Christmas Tree Farm,” is inspired by her childhood home. Taylor grew up in Pennsylvania, before moving to Nashville to pursue music, on an actual Christmas tree farm. In the new track, she combines nostalgia for family love with her current romantic love.

“Christmas Tree Farm” begins with a dramatic declaration of how stressful the holidays can be. Taylor showcases a new kind of vocal talent that sounds like it could be right out of a traditional holiday special. She reminds us that Christmas is often filled with “static, stress and holiday shopping traffic.” The song is about how when it all gets too overwhelming, Taylor can transport herself back to her happy childhood and the fond memories she carries close to her heart.


In Taylor’s Christmas tree farm utopia, she’s not only safe and warm like a child, but she’s also accompanied by her lover. Her vocals are euphoric as she reveals that she’s speaking directly to him by singing, “Just bein’ in your arms // Takes me back to that little farm // Where every wish comes true.” It’s the perfect mix of cheesiness, maturity and perfectly encapsulated love.

If you thought the song was a happiness overload, the video will only make you feel even more warm and fuzzy inside. The video for “Christmas Tree Farm” starts with a black and white current Taylor Swift listening to music and staring out the window of a car during the intro about the stressful holiday season. Once the song picks up the pace and switches directions, the video is all home videos of Taylor and her family growing up in snowy Pennsylvania. The videos show baby Taylor having the time of her life sledding with her brother, Austin. They show tender moments with her parents, Andrea and Scott. There’s even a clip of Taylor on Christmas morning opening the most valuable gift: her first guitar.

In “Christmas Tree Farm,” Taylor summed up the best things about Christmas. She perfectly blended her precious childhood memories with her current situation in life. By watching the home videos, fans get an even more personal glimpse into Taylor’s life than her songwriting. So far, the song has spent its entire release at the top of the charts, which proves that “Christmas Tree Farm” is the perfect song to cure our holiday blues.

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