Soccer Mommy’s New Song Will “Feed” Your Appetite for New Music

Soccer Mommy aka Sophie Allison is back with her new single, “Feed,” and it’s a gory one. “Feed” is Soccer Mommy’s third single this year and was made for the upcoming horror movie, The Turning. The movie is Stephen Spielberg‘s passion project and is based on the book, The Turn of the Screw. To add to the ambience to the move, director Floria Sigismondi sought out to create an original score with a 90s vibe. In addition to Soccer Mommy, the soundtrack includes artists such as Mitski, Courtney Love and Kali Uchis.

Musically, “Feed” is a dark track with ominous guitar feedback. Sophie really worked well with producer and singer-songwritter Lawrence Rothman to create a haunting track. For example, the song is reminiscent of slower 90s grunge songs. The pacing and the production make “Feed” the perfect track for a scary movie.

Lyrically, “Feed” is about a demon feeding off of the singer’s body. Although this is a sharp contrast to Sophie’s usual content, it is fun and really portrays the story. With stark imagery of blood and guts, it gets right to the point. Soccer Mommy almost makes being eaten by a demon sound like something you would want.

Whether you like horror movies or not, The Turning is sure to have a great, girl-powered soundtrack. In addition to “Feed”, we cannot wait to hear the rest of the songs from the movie. If you are dying to catch the film in theaters, The Turning will hit the big screen on January 24, 2020. Until then, you can listen to Soccer Mommy’s track to prepare yourself for the gory piece of cinema. You can also catch Sophie on tour in 2020. Next year is definitely looking to be an interesting one.

Featured Image: Universal Pictures