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13 Times Taylor Swift Sucker-Punched Our Feels With Her Iconic Bridges

Taylo Swift
As you may or may not have heard, today (December 13) is Taylor Swift’s 30th birthday. If there’s one thing we’ve learned during the last year of Taylor Swift’s twenties, it’s that Miss Swift is a sucker for a good bridge. “I love a bridge, and I was really able to go to Bridge City,” she told Rolling Stone in August, right before her latest album Lover dropped on the 23rd. If Lover was bridge city, we can safely assume Swift’s entire discography is Bridge Country, with numerous soaring melodies and lyrical masterpieces sprinkled throughout all seven of her states, AKA albums.

To celebrate the pop queen’s monumental birthday, we had to share some of our favorite bridges of hers. Here’s the thing: there are a lot of ways to measure a bridge. It can be sad, thematic, inspiring… and all of them are good in their own ways. So here are just a few of the best ones, since frankly, they’re mostly all good. Of course, it wouldn’t be a Swift post without a reference to her lucky number, so we cut it down to her 13 best bridges (plus… some more).

Featured Image: Instagram (@taylorswift)