Ava Max "Salt"

Ava Max Sprinkles Us With “Salt” in Her Officially Released Single

Back with another hit, Ava Max recently released her new single “Salt” and it’s the perfect song to jam out to when you’re really over your ex. This upbeat dance song‘s definitely a fan favorite, so much so that it’s actually an official release from a 2018 drop on YouTube and SoundCloud.

With its recent release on all streaming services, “Salt” is already in the Top 100 songs on the US iTunes charts! And it completely makes sense as to why everyone is streaming the single so much; the sassy anthem is all about making someone wish they were back with you and showing them you don’t care one bit.

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Out now on all platforms 🧂 #Salt

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Showing she’s not playing from the start of the song, Ava mentions that she’s got her “thigh-highs on // Feel like Wonder Woman // That’s when you want all in, but I’m not your woman,” reminding him that she’s no longer his, no matter how bad he wants her.

The chorus tells it all as she sings, “I’m all out of salt // I’m not gonna cry // Won’t give you what you want // ‘Cause I look way too good tonight,” giving the track its namesake. Max tells us she’s done being salty about her ex and the breakup and she’s done crying. She simply looks too good to put up with the drama.

Of course, the track has the catchy Ava Max ad-libs and sing-along with its “Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh’s” sprinkled perfectly throughout the dance beat, that’ll have you screaming along by the end of your first listen. Take a listen to “Salt” below and let us know what you think in the comments or tweet us @soundigest!

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