MGMT In The Afternoon

Killin’ Time “In The Afternoon” With MGMT

We live for teasers from bands, posing the possibility of new material and keeping us on our toes. MGMT, the multi-instrumental band from Connecticut, released a new single on December 11 entitled “In The Afternoon.” The group granted us with the anthems “Electric Feel,” “Kids” and “Time To Pretend,” which are perfect additions to playlists about dreaming and revolting. They strike again with this new bop, which will appear on their upcoming new album. Oh, and the new song arrives via MGMT Records versus their previous label, Columbia Records. What a way to leave 2019…


The introduction is light, starting with airy, dreamy sounds. Then, a mood switch is queued up with the rising guitar and sonic drum beats. Band leaders Andrew VanWyngarden and Ben Goldwasser dissect the beginning stages of an afternoon delight as the minutes in the day tick on. The verses depict a scene from a bedroom, with yellow curtains and a house cat, that signals a new phase in the day.

In the last minute of the song, the outro begins. The men of MGMT proclaim, “Relief is like candy // The sweetest kind of love,” followed by, “Who’d guess that I’d feel this way? // Like a kid in a candy store.” Then, their voices descend with repeating, “A kid in a candy store.”

Accompanied with the release of the song was the music video. The group channels the essence of 1980s standouts, The Cure. Nature scenes and family portraits are tainted with kaleidoscope lights and water-color creations to enhance their image. VanWyngarden and the men don’t disappoint.

The single that channels sublime and psychedelic vibes stays true to the bands style: weird, inviting and unique. You can’t help but smile and beam listening to “In The Afternoon,” which is their first piece of new music since 2018’s Little Dark Age.

Take a break for a few, and check out the track here!

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