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King Princess’ New Tour Video Has Us Vying to Be Her “Homegirl”

King Princess, the stage name of Mikaela Straus, has taken the world by storm in the last few years. With her hit, “1950,” sweeping the airwaves in 2018, Mikaela is riding that high right into the end of 2019. After months of touring this year, she graced us with a little behind the scenes look into her tour life to the tune of her track “Homegirl.” “Homegirl” is a melodic love song and makes the perfect setting for a tour video.

In scenes for “Homegirl” (Live), we follow King Princess through numerous cities. We see Mikaela in hazy lights at so many different venues. The video is shot in a nostalgic way, giving the essence of a home video. The filming and editing style fit perfectly with the tune’s 90s-inspired vibe. Colors of stage lights grace the film as well as some incredibly wholesome fan moments. Overall, “Homegirl” is the perfectly-soft and loving pairing to King Princess’ live video.


The Brooklyn singer-songwriter seemingly honed in her craft in just a single album. King Princess embraces the retro look, making it a vital part of her brand, yet it is still entirely her own. As a genderqueer, LGBTQ performer, King Princess is providing strong representation in the music industry, while making a name herself with her incredible knack for creating music.

King Princess was just seen on <SNL and will be headlining her own shows as well as opening for Harry Styles in Europe this upcoming year. If the “Homegirl” live video is an indication of anything, it is that we cannot wait to see more of King Princess on stage in 2020.

Featured Image: Columbia Records

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